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Aloys Wach is considered as one of the most important Upper Austrian artists of the inter-war period. His work is exceptional and versatile. Extraordinarily shaped by the vanguard influence of the big art metropolises Paris and Berlin, it eluded the prevalent classification of the local contemporary painting and received attention beyond the Austrian borders. Wach‘s radicalness is impressive, both as to his artistic expression and his lifestyle. And so is the mutability of his oeuvre: Wach was among others recognized as a „German“ expressionist and a war painter, today he is strongly remembered as a painter of religious themes.

This homepage presents the life and oeuvre of the unconventional artist Aloys Wach. Our exhibitions regularily contain works of Aloys Wach. If you are interested in acquiring drawings or paintings of Wach, would you please contact us by phone (01 / 512 45 69 or 0676 / 629 81 21) or e-mail (office@kunsthandelwidder.com).

If you possess a work of the artist and want to sell it, we are looking forward to your e-mail including a photo and a description.

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